Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The very first Exe Fest this Sunday!

The very first Exe Fest takes place this weekend at Exmouth Rugby Club. On Sunday from 12noon - 9pm, a mix of quality DJs and live acts from around the South West will perform everything from electro to reggae, hip hop to acoustic, and indie rock to drum and bass. The lineup includes legendary breaks and electro outfit Ben and Lex, four-piece “indie jukebox” Terrible Strangers, and the fat beats of Exeter’s finest skankmeisters Dib Dub Soundsystem.

A great variety of other entertainments will also be on offer, including a 96x8ft graffiti wall that will be “constructively vandalised” throughout the day. With break dance demos, tasty hot food, a bar, original art and t-shirts to buy, this is one funky mini-fest!

Tickets are available in OnionHeart (Exmouth) and Reform Records (Exeter). They are a steal at £5 for adults and £3 for kids, although there are a limited number available so don’t hang around.

For more info and the full line up, see:

- Exe Fest, Sunday 10th August at Exmouth Rugby Club -

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Benny said...

"legendary breaks and electro outfit Ben and Lex"

:D :D :D :D freaking rad :D :D :D :D